LinkedIn Helper vs Dux Soup: Which One Is Better?

Most prospectors are looking for the best way possible on LinkedIn to make more connections, engage those connections, and ultimately generate leads. As disciplined as we would like to think we are in our social media and prospecting activities, real-life sets in and we often forget to send out our daily e-mails or social media notes. The beauty of using Google Chrome as a browser is that it offers all kinds of extensions that can help you with your social media and prospecting activities. Two of the main Chrome extensions you should be considering are LinkedHelper and Dux-Soup which are both API integrations that work in conjunction with LinkedIn. If you utilize these programs correctly, you can easily build up your connection network, create lots of targeted prospecting messages, and even build up a big list in your customer relationship management system.

Here is a side by side comparison of the two platforms:

Dux-Soup LinkedIn Helper
 Price  Free Version

Paid: $15/month

 14 Day Free Trial


 Invite 2nd & 3rd degree Connections  Yes, with personalized invitation  Yes, with a personalized invitation
 Message 1st degree Connections  Yes  Yes
 Invite 1st degree connections to group  No  Yes
 Search for connections from groups  Yes  No
 Save Mail Campaigns  No  Yes
 Auto Visit Profiles  Yes  Yes
 Auto Follow Profiles  No  Yes
 Auto Skip Profiles  Yes  Yes
 Download Saved Profile Searches  Yes (CSV)  Yes (CSV or Google Sheets)
 Add Personalized Signature to Mailers  No  Yes
 Send Automated Endorsement Messages  Yes  Yes
 Set Daily Limit of Profiles Visited Per Day  Yes  Yes
 Set Time of Day When Robot Should Run Searches  Yes  Yes
 Multiple Languages  Yes (More than six) Yes (two)

Which platform do you prefer?

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