• Social Media Black Book

    Bundled Lessons

    Bundled Courses including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogging.

  • Sales Navigator

    4 Lessons $19.99

    Learn the absolute best ways to use LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform for prospecting and increasing your connections on LinkedIn.

  • Facebook

    12 Lessons $799.00

    We will start with the basics and take you through producing content and turning likes and friends into customers.

  • Twitter

    12 Lessons $799.00

    This course will be your Twitter Marketing Blueprint; going over the basics to hosting your first #tweetchat.

  • Dux Soup Training

    11 Lessons

    All content in this course is created and owned by Dux Soup. We are providing their materials to you as a convenience.

  • Prospecting On Twitter

    3 Lessons

    Ready to tap into Twitter for your business? We’ll show you a few tricks to get you started using Twitter to find prospects for your business.

  • Raising Your Facebook Exposure

    3 Lessons

    Learn the right moves to make on Facebook and understand their algorithm to increase your page and post’s exposure on Facebook.

  • Increasing Your Social Selling Index

    4 Lessons

    This course teaches you the 5 essential, quick and easy tips that you can utilize to increase your LinkedIn Social Selling Index score.

  • LinkedIn

    10 Lessons $799.00

    Learn how to set up your profile and the steps to prospect on LinkedIn to generate leads for your business.

  • Blogging

    18 Lessons $799.00

    You’ll learn how to set up your own blog, write titles, create content, build followers, and monetize your hard work.