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LinkedIn Helper vs Dux Soup: Which One Is Better?

Most prospectors are looking for the best way possible on LinkedIn to make more connections, engage those connections, and ultimately generate leads. As disciplined as we would like to think we are in our social media and prospecting activities, real-life sets in and we often forget to send out our daily e-mails or social media […]

Spring Cleaning Your Social Media Accounts

When the yellow dust comes down here in Atlanta, you the change of seasons are in full swing.  When Spring hits us, we start cleaning out our closets and getting the clothes we wear for the warmer seasons front and center.  Since you’ll be snapping some new pictures for the Spring and Summer, maybe it’s […]

Stop Being A Robot On My Birthday

It’s really unfortunate in today’s social media world, but the computer has officially taken over your brain.  I’ve written several articles about the lost art of a handwritten thank you note, so I thought it was time to write one about all you robots who are too lazy to do anything buy simply click a […]

How To Protect Yourself From Facebook

Facebook put out full-page ads in seven British newspapers and three American newspapers recently to issue a complete apology for the recent privacy scandal that was caught on tape with Cambridge Analytics.  This was probably the single largest brutal blow to Facebook as it puts into question the integrity of what they may be doing […]

Why You Want Cards for Clicks

We would all agree that Amazon is dominating right now.  Absolutely dominating.  There is a litany of reasons we could formulate as to why they are dominating, but it is clear to me that what Amazon is really good at is getting you to click buttons.  Button clicking leads to more button clicking until you […]

BombBomb Is The Bomb

Since email has become so impersonal these days, wouldn’t it be great to have a way for people to actually hear and see you when you respond to an email? Part of the challenge with emails is trying to not only craft the right message but to able to get across the right tone of […]