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You Have a Social Media Lead! Now What?

So You Got Yourself A Lead… What’s your goal for social media marketing? Are you looking to build brand awareness in your community or online? What about leads? Maybe your interest lies most in finding prospects for your business. If so, there is nothing better than implementing a marketing campaign and finding out that your […]

The Latest From LinkedIn: What You Need to Know

Did you know that Microsoft recently released its performance report for 2020? Microsoft has reported a significant increase in platform growth, reflecting growth in total members, as well as higher engagement rates. With the world gone digital, professionals and executives everywhere are looking for new ways to grow their network and connect with others. If […]

How To Create Social Media Posts Amidst COVID-19

COVID-19 has completely altered our lives over the past few weeks and most likely, the weeks to come. Our families, daily routines and business operations have all been affected. While we learn to swim upstream murky waters, there’s still a chance that you can use this time to build your brand online presence. At Hyperchat […]

How to Grow Your Social Following as a Small Business Owner

Do you want to increase your engagement, reach and followers online? As a small business owner, these items are crucial to a successful social media campaign and they have a huge impact on your overall sales. But how do you get people to follow? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re […]

Writing Newsletters as a Personal Injury Attorney

Have you ever thought about sending out a newsletter? As a personal injury attorney, it’s important for you to stay in front of your target audience. After all, injuries are something that definitely aren’t planned. But as an attorney,  you can plan how well you put yourself in front of your community so that if […]

Social Media for Personal Injury Attorneys

As a personal injury attorney, you have a lot on your plate. You’re the face of your company. The hope of your clients. As an attorney, you are a lot of things. Including your marketing strategy. With that being said, you have a lot of areas to cover within your marketing strategy. As a personal […]

Fact or Fiction? Social Media Marketing Edition

Social media marketing matters. A statement that was once posed as a question is pretty much undeniable now. Did you know that there are 1.65 billion active social media users worldwide each month? To follow that, did you know that a third of internet usage is researching products and brands on social media? Whether you […]

How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

When it comes to running a successful social media marketing campaign, our team knows that getting engagement on your posts is crucial. In the past, businesses ruled the advertising world by leading prospects in a one-way conversation. Whether ads were ran on television, radio or print, these mediums told viewers how they should feel about […]