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6 Perks of Using Facebook Stories For Your Marketing

Over the years, there have been many new social media platforms develop and gain popularity – TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, WeChat, etc. – but none have surpassed the popularity of Facebook just yet. Facebook was launched to the public back in 2006 and still holds the record high for most active users to this day sitting […]

5 Reasons to Use Canva to Spice Up Your Content

Have you ever stumbled upon another business’s social media feed and thought to yourself: How do they create such visual compelling content for their brand?  You instantly think they must be using photoshop, or some other expensive design tool to create their posts… and who knows maybe they are. But did you know there are […]

The Do’s & Don’ts of Marketing During COVID-19

COVID-19 has and continues to affect the world in drastic ways. It’s even affecting the way businesses market on social media. As COVID-19 continues on, business owners need to understand how imperative it is for them to alter their social media strategy. The pandemic has shifted the way people think, act, and do. And as […]

Ephemeral Content For Small Business Owners

It’s storytime! Well…actually, it’s stories time. Stories are a type of ephemeral content on social media that users, as well as businesses, use every single day. Photos and videos posted on stories are only viewable for a full 24 hours and then are taken down (with the exception of YouTube stories which are taken down […]