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How Programmatic Advertising Can Help You Build Your Personal Brand Like a Pro

Have you ever wondered how professional athletes become so famous? It’s incredible how these individuals start out as a nobody on a small-town high school sports team, and in a matter of years, their name is on billboards everywhere. Think about LeBron James. LeBron’s childhood consisted of foster homes, a missing father figure, and poverty. […]

Google Game Plan: How to Get Your Business on the First Page

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, you probably recognize right now as an important time for most sports fans. College basketball is halfway through its March Madness tournament. The Masters 2019 will be underway in just a few short days. Additionally, professional baseball is kicking off its 2019 season tomorrow! (Go Braves!) We’re sure the Braves have put […]

Marketing Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

At this time of year, business owners are executing their holiday campaigns and biggest promotions. It’s easy to get lost in all the holiday decorations and discount signs, isn’t it? You may be thinking that you can’t wait for the year to just end already. That way you can start fresh come January. Well, not […]

Millennials: Marketing to America’s Largest Generation

A Background on Millennials (Gen Y) Millennials are a hot topic right now. The word alone can stir up conversation among a group. Especially a group favoring the negative connotations often associated with the generation. These reasons are exactly why we know it is important to talk about them. Considering our office here at Hyperchat […]