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DuxSoup vs. LinkedIn Helper: What You Need To Know

Did you know Hyperchat Social started as a company that taught primarily financial advisors how to grow their practice through lead generation using social media?  Even though our company has grown to a full-blown social media agency, it is safe to say that we are lead generating experts. Especially on LinkedIn. One of our most […]

All About Boosting

If you read our blog on algorithms, you are probably working hard on combatting those ever-decreasing engagement rates.   Here’s what’s happening: Facebook has switched to a pay-to-play model. In other words, Facebook saw a spike in businesses using the platform to promote their own products and services and Facebook wanted to monetize. Now, thanks […]

Social Media Myths DEBUNKED

People have a lot to say about social media these days. From different ways to garner more organic engagement to the amount you need to spend on an ad budget to make a Facebook campaign successful, not all of the information you have is completely true. How do you know what to believe when it […]

How To Garner Organic Engagement

Congratulations!   You have done it. Fully immersed yourself into the world of social media. You have a regular content calendar, you are using hashtags, and creating graphics on Canva that promote your business!   But, wait. Wait just a second.   Aren’t you just supposed to start posting and then see leads? Where are […]

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose. 2019 is truly the year of green. With people becoming more environmentally conscious, getting rid of plastic straws, and the rise of the practice of recycling, it seems that people are now more concerned than ever about omitting as little waste as possible. Why not apply that concept to your marketing strategy? […]