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Facebook Advertising: Lead Generation Vs. Traffic

Jumping into the world of Facebook advertising, it can be difficult to know where to start. Facebook’s advertising platform offers a bevy of different objectives for the page owner to choose from:   For a lot of our clients, many of their goals tend to include new business for their practice, an increase in sales, […]

Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors During COVID-19

Coronavirus has appeared in Atlanta and is rapidly spreading. At Hyperchat Social, we are taking the proper precautions. We are practicing social distancing and working from all of our home offices. In your practice, you are probably handling client worries left and right. As a financial advisor, your first instinct when the markets are going […]

Facebook Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers know the importance of the awareness surrounding your brand. That is why you see personal injury lawyers plastered all over billboards and park benches. It is all about being the first firm that a victim who gets in an accident thinks about in that moment. So, how do you establish your firm […]

DuxSoup vs. LinkedIn Helper: What You Need To Know

Did you know Hyperchat Social started as a company that taught primarily financial advisors how to grow their practice through lead generation using social media?  Even though our company has grown to a full-blown social media agency, it is safe to say that we are lead generating experts. Especially on LinkedIn. One of our most […]

All About Boosting

If you read our blog on algorithms, you are probably working hard on combatting those ever-decreasing engagement rates.   Here’s what’s happening: Facebook has switched to a pay-to-play model. In other words, Facebook saw a spike in businesses using the platform to promote their own products and services and Facebook wanted to monetize. Now, thanks […]